Indira Tamang, Weaver

Through a fellow weaver, she learned of the Association of Craft Producers, one of our World Fair Trade Certified partner organizations, and soon joined our textile team. Weaving fabrics is much different than weaving carpets, but Indira quickly adapted to the differences and excelled at the craft. She began to earn significant compensation and has taken advantage of our producer benefits. ACP's "Girl Child Education" program has supported her daughter's schooling, and the "Saving Program" has helped her during times when her finances were strained.


Recently, her husband has returned from Malaysia with no intention of going back. He is looking for work in Nepal while Indira continues to receive assistance from ACP's earning and welfare programs. She is getting closer to realizing her dream of giving her daughter a complete education and owning a home in Kathmandu.

Indira has a similar story to that of many artisans who make the products on our website. As a small girl, she was denied an education (unlike her brothers) and was instead forced to assist with household chores. At the age of 17, she moved from her home in Tehrathum in Eastern Nepal to Kathmandu to work as a carpet weaver. Within a year in the city, Indira was married to a Thanka painter, but his work was irregular and proved no return. Their earnings together were barely enough for rent. On the brink of destitution, her husband took out a loan and moved to Malaysia in search of better work. His efforts were unfruitful and anything he earned was used to pay back his loan.


Indira was left penniless and uncertain, with her daughter and two other family members financially dependent on her. 


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